Friday, February 1, 2019

WYD Meaning & Definition

What does WYD Mean?

WYD Means “What You Doing?”. It is an internet slang word that stands for What (are) you doing?. 

What is WYD?

WYD is an acronym used in texting or chat messages that stands for “What You Doing?”.

WYD Definition

WYD is defined as “What You Doing?”. 

The Meaning of WYD

WYD is meant to be used as a question, which stands for: “What You Doing?”. 

Other Meanings of WYD

  • World Youth Day
  • Wide in Afrikaans
  • Would You Date?
  • Would You Dare?
  • World Yoga Day

Similar Acronyms to WYD

There are several other slang words that are quite similar as WYD. These include:
WYMWhat You Mean? This means, "What do you mean?"
WYSWhat You Saying? This means, "What are you saying?" and is typically synonymous with WYD in slang speak.
WYOWhat You On? This means, "What are you on?" and again is usually synonymous with WYD or WYS in the slang world.

Examples of WYD

Example 1

Friend #1: "Wyd?"
Friend #2: "I am playing cricket"
In the example above, Friend #1 used the acronym WYD in his conversation with his friend #2 asking him - "what you doing?". In reply to the question of Friend #1, Friend #2 responds that 'He is playing Cricket'.

Example 2
John: "Wyd? This evening"
Cristie: "Going for a dinner with my friends."

In the example above, John uses the acronym WYD in his conversation with Cristie asking her - "what are you doing? this evening". In reply, Cristie responds by saying that She is going for a dinner with her friends.

Origin of WYD

WYD acronym that is used for "what are you doing?" was first seen on urban Dictionary in 2009. It is used as an expression to ask the other person involved in conversation that what he/she is doing?

Several memes have incorporated wyd. One is the After Smoking This meme, which became popular in early 2017. This features a picture of an outlandish amount of drugs, such as a very large joint, along with the caption: “WYD [What are you doing] after smoking this?” A second image follows, depicting someone as if they outrageously high.

This is what we have shared above the slang word WYD and its meaning. Hope you find the information shared above to be helpful.